Business is blooming with new security system at Willowbrook Garden Centre

Popular Worcestershire Garden Centre, Willowbrook, has seen considerable growth over the past few years as it has expanded its nursery and plant area and developed a premium gift and homeware store, the ‘Fruit Shack’ produce shop and on-site restaurant.

It was this growth that prompted Willowbrook’s owner, Simon Reynolds, to call in security and CCTV experts Champion Security Installations to review their existing processes and security systems.
“Our existing systems had evolved over time,” Simon explains “And whilst they were fit for purpose, they didn’t really reflect the thriving multi-functional business that Willowbrook has become. Our existing security cameras were 8 years old and analogue. We wanted best practice advice on how we could upgrade our systems in a cost effective way.”

Champion were delighted to be of assistance and after a full audit of the premises recommended an upgrade to a new digital alarm system and the installation of state of the art security cameras inside and outside the garden centre.

“As so much of our work is outside it is essential we have a secure external perimeter for the business,” says Simon. Cameras were installed at the rear of the property as well throughout the car park. High-tech number plate recognition software is also in place, providing enhanced security for deliveries and secure customer parking. “Customer service is an absolute priority for us” emphasises Simon.

Inside, the modern ‘fish-eye’ CCTV cameras provide a 360 degree panoramic view and zoom facility, providing real time close ups of areas that were previously difficult to observe, helping to reduce the risk of theft, particularly across the gift area.

In addition, the clarity and quality of the new images is far superior to the previous grainy footage, which would have been of limited assistance to the police had there been any security breaches.

In addition to the improved security there are additional benefits for the Willowbrook team. The fact that the cameras can be accessed via an app is much more convenient and means that both Simon and Nigel Summerfield, the Manager, can access them remotely if required. In addition, the zoom feature on the cameras has proved very useful when training new staff members.

Directors views and comments

Dorian Dentith, Managing Director of Champion Security Installations Ltd said "We have known Simon for some time and were delighted to work with him in upgrading his security. The new system is far more fitting for a business of Willowbrook’s size and footfall, and is capable of being upgraded over time as the business expands further.”

Simon would not hesitate in recommending Champion to other businesses looking to review their security solutions. “Dorian completely understood our needs and tailored his proposal to meet our budget and requirements. His team were able to install the whole system without any downtime to us at all, which was a major benefit for us.
The installation went without a hitch and the training we received from Colin was superb. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

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