Commercial Fire Alarms & Prevention

Effective fire alarm systems require expertise. And expertise is what CSI, along with our accredited fire alarm partner, are able to provide your business with. We offer a complete Fire Alarm and Detection solution.

We’ll improve your fire safety

We can supply, install and maintain a wide range of fire detection and fire alarm systems to meet all fire safety applications. Early, reliable detection of a developing emergency situation is at the core of CSI’s range of fire alarm products.
CSI Fire Alarm and Detection system offer following benefits:
  • Allows you to protect your property, assets and people with monitored fire alarm systems
  • Our fire alarm systems can pinpoint the exact location of the incident for larger facilities
  • Supporting existing fire alarm systems
  • Our systems are code regulated and approved
  • Can be integrated with existing security alarm system
  • Early detection can assist safe and timely evacuation from your premises

Fire Alarms
& Extinguishers

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing fire alarm system or have a brand new one installed, we will conduct a thorough site survey, advise the best solution for your premises, and then install it to the highest industry standards. We also offer maintenance contracts so you can have your system regularly tested to make sure it’s in full working order.

All premises should have fire extinguishers, as a basic fire-fighting tool. We’ll work out which ones you need, and how many, when we do a site survey. All fire extinguishers supplied will conform to current safety standards and come with full certification. We can also take responsibility for their recommended monthly inspections and annual services.

Risk Assessment 
& Safety Training

A fire risk assessment is a legal requirement for all businesses that employ 5 or more people. We can carry this out for you, by our fully trained fire risk assessors who will identify the risks, work out who is at risk, highlight ways to reduce these risks, recommend the relevant fire safety equipment, and provide a written report.

We can also offer fire safety training, which is a legal requirement that all employers must offer their employees. Our fire safety courses are run by our highly experienced, qualified instructors, who will tailor-make the course to your specific requirements. All participants will receive a certificate of competence upon completion.

Fire Suppression / Stopping & Safety Signs

Fire suppression systems control and put out fires without human intervention. They are typically used in buildings with valuable or electrical equipment such as data archives, art, antiques or computers and maybe specified by an insurance company. We offer a range of gaseous fire suppressors and can advise on the best system to meet your specific needs.

To stop the progress of a fire, we conduct thorough reviews of buildings in order to divide them into a series of compartments to contain fire spread and also to increase time for people to evacuate. We have a wealth of experience in this specialist area and can advise the optimum fire compartment solution, which must be regularly inspected and maintained.

Fire safety signs must be used to indicate escape routes and fire-fighting equipment, in accordance with the Health and Safety Regulations 1996 Act. If you need advice on compliance with the Act, please contact us.

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Source: 2016 Commercial Victimisation Survey - Home Office (UK)

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