Safety and security improved at rural property

Creating a secure environment is as important for residential locations as it is for commercial ones. Keeping our loved ones safe and secure is vital, as is protecting our property and land from any potential intruders.

This can be challenging for properties with adjoining land or annexed properties. Gates and fencing can provide a solution, but manual gates can be heavy, cumbersome and inconvenient, particularly when used frequently by residents and visitors.

Electric gates and entrance security systems can be the answer.  They are sometimes viewed as  being better suited to urban or more modern properties – but this is not the case, says Dorian Dentith, Managing Director of Champion Security Installations Ltd.

“Modern electric gates come in many formats, and can be installed in all kinds of properties, no matter how old they are or where they are located.”

A case in point, is a project we worked on recently with a client in Warwickshire who wanted to improve safety and security at their rural property.  The wooden gates we fitted are fully in keeping with their local environment, yet also offer the convenience and peace of mind of a fully automated solution.  

With both keypad and remote access, not only do the gates look great, they provide added security from unwanted visitors, and also keep any children and animals safe inside the grounds.

Directors views and comments

“ At Champion Security Installations Ltd, we are as experienced in residential properties as we are in commercial ones, ” says Dorian.  “We use this expertise to thoroughly survey the client’s property and its grounds, before working together to create the best solution to meet their needs. You can be assured of a premium, professional and personalised service when you work with Champion.”

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