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The right CCTV security system is an essential tool when running a business.

Commercial CCTV Systems

The right CCTV security system is an essential tool when running a business, offering many benefits such as:
  • Preventing employee theft
  • Protecting staff
  • Increasing staff productivity
  • Preventing criminal theft and damage
  • Monitoring high risk areas for peace of mind
  • Reducing insurance premiums
But in order for a CCTV security system to meet your specific needs effectively, it is important that you have the right cameras, with the right technology, installed properly, and maintained regularly.

We take the headache of security away from you – we’ll assess your premises, your needs and your budget and do a full risk assessment and site survey to show you how you can protect your business properly.
If you are interesting in CCTV Security Systems from Champion Security Installations, please contact us.

IP CCTV Security Cameras

IP CCTV is the latest in camera technology using digital video cameras that transmit data via a computer network and can record locally onto a hard drive or a cloud storage system. It offers the highest quality and clarity of images, which can be accessed remotely.

The advantages of an IP system include:
  • Efficient monitoring – the system can flag ‘events’ in the camera’s field of vision, and the tell you when they happened so you don’t have to pore over hours of footage
  • The best quality images – so you can clearly see what happened
  • Effective future-proofing – the CCTV system is flexible, easy to upgrade to suit future requirements, and can integrate with other security systems
We can install new IP CCTV systems from scratch or we can upgrade existing analogue systems to an IP CCTV system, which will require completely new cabling.

For those who are looking for an interim solution, we can upgrade existing analogue systems to receive HD images, using existing cabling networks.
If you are interesting in IP CCTV from Champion Security Installations, please contact us.

Monitored Alarm System

IP CCTV cameras will detect movement in specific areas, for example, if someone enters the site or premises out of hours.

This movement will be detected by our monitoring station which will trigger a standard intruder alert message to warn the intruder they have been detected, or a personalised message, so the intruder knows they are being watched at that precise moment.

CCTV Case Study

After a lengthy and detailed tender process, Palletline chose Champion Security Installations as their preferred supplier..

We installed over 150 CCTV cameras and specialised surveillance equipment to ensure Palletline can easily trace each and every pallet handled, day or night, and extract images from key stages in the transit process. This, coupled with the ability to ‘zoom in’ to read pallet identity label detail, ensures they have complete transparency throughout the process and an enviable security record.

Are you watching?

The UK Wholesale & Retail Industry experienced over 4 million incidents of theft in 2016.

Source: 2016 Commercial Victimisation Survey - Home Office (UK)

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