Business Access Control

An effective access control system will allow you to control where individuals are able to access and to monitor their location, within a building.

Put us in control

A wide range of systems are available, from an entrance keypad to networked access control systems. The benefits of our access control security systems include:
  • Site and personnel protection
  • Visitor management
  • Enhanced protection of high security areas
  • Electronic notification of unauthorised access
  • Avoids the issue of lost or stolen keys and having to change the locks
  • Car park management
  • Integration with CCTV systems, offering complete visibility
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Fire roll call
  • ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

Visitor Management

Our efficient visitor management security systems will allow your staff to issue name badges and to know who’s in the building at any time, and where they are. They can be linked to other applications, so visitors can be announced, photographs taken and documents signed, all at the press of a button.
Some of the many advantages of this system include:
  • Fast and secure method of recording people and vehicles on the site
  • Reports on front desk activity
  • Audit trail of visitors
  • Emergency roll calls
  • Avoids re-keying information for regular visitors

Contractor Management

Automate time consuming processes and paperwork retrieval with a contractor management security system that will be adapted to your needs.

Some of the many advantages include:
  • Only approved contractors allowed on site
  • Improved efficiency of administration staff
  • Calendar view of all jobs by location and time
  • Job status, time and performance tracking
  • Induction, insurance and training expiry notifications
  • Full audit trails on contractors and jobs

Don't be a victim of vandalism

The UK Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing Industry is the victim of over 80 incidents of Vandalism a day (2015) - 30,000 in total

Source: Government Crime Against Business Report 2016

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