Business Burglar & Intruder Alarms

An intruder alarm is often the first port of call for protecting premises. While they are there to detect intruders, their very presence also reduces potential threats. Not to mention reducing insurance premiums!

We'll help you keep them out

As commercial security system experts, we look at our clients’ overall security needs, rather than just supplying one element.

Intruder alarms are far more effective when integrated with a CCTV network and linked to our central monitoring system. We only work with the best manufacturers and are always at the forefront of new technology to ensure we are constantly making our security alarm systems as responsive, cost-effective and efficient as possible.

Digital Communicator Monitoring

When an intruder alarm is activated, a signal passes though the phone line to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), who will then notify either the key-holder or the police (depending on how the system has been set up). This is one of the most cost-effective ways of generating a response when your alarm is triggered. 

Dualcom Plus / GPRS Monitoring

In the event of an unauthorised entry, a silent signal is transmitted to an Alarm Receiving Centre, which then notifies the police.

The alarm is transmitted over both a data network and a telephone line, as a backup. These 2 lines are constantly monitored for full functionality and so this option is one of the most secure methods of monitoring an intruder alarm. 

Emizon ADSL Monitoring

Emizon has been designed to replace the traditional phone line that is usually required for dual signalling. It’s dual path but uses wireless technology and on-site broadband connection. It ensures CCTV images reach the Alarm Receiving Centre as well as the alarm signal.

Redcare Monitoring

Alarm activation is delivered to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and acted on in seconds. If the telephone line is cut, Redcare sends a signal to the ARC to ensure the premises are not left unprotected. Redcare GSM Monitoring is an enhanced service with a GSM Radio backup with both signalling paths being constantly monitored to verify the communication link is working. The ARC will therefore know straight away if there is any line fault or failure.

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